Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silhouette Black Friday Deals!

So, it is finally here! The details for Silhouette's Black Friday Promo! The promo will run from Black Friday through the 28th. When you use their promo code BLACK at the checkout you will receive 30% off, but here is the kick, they are offering Tea Rose Home readers an additional 10% off when you use my unique promo code "TEAROSE" at checkout! That is 40% off!

BUT, you won’t find the Silhouette CAMEO in stock on the regular page. There is a secret page you need to go to here and you will need my unique discount code; TEAROSE at the checkout.

Here are some other amazing stuff;

The CAMEO (of course),

Starter Kits for $28 (normally $39.99),

New totes for $70 (normally $99.99);

New designer software;

50¢ Shapes;

The 50¢ shape sale is back in the Silhouette Online Store. Over 19,000 designs (including fonts and printable patterns) will be just 50¢ ea. from Friday, Nov. 25 through Monday, Nov. 28. Whether you have a subscription to the Online Store or just like to dabble every once in a while, you'll get more for your money this Black Friday through Cyber Monday from the comfort of your own home. And to make the deal even sweeter, there will be new designs added to the store on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, so come back each day to find out what's new. For even better savings, sign up for a subscription to the Silhouette Online Store. For just $9.99 per month you'll get $25 of credit to spend on downloadable designs - and at 50¢ each, you'll really stretch your dollar.

50¢ shapes available for download only through the Silhouette Online Store. Offer not valid for other websites, subscriptions, or physical products. Promotion valid from 11/25/2011 12:00 AM through 11/28/2011 11:59 PM only.

Best of all you don't have to wait in any lines or camp out in a tent to get these amazing deals. Just be sure to visit before the end of the day on Nov. 28 (MST) and use the promo code BLACK during checkout to save 30% off your entire order*.

* Offer excludes Silhouette CAMEO™, download cards, and gift cards. Promotion valid 11/25/2011 12:00 AM through 11/28/2011 11:59 PM only at 30% off sale only includes physical products purchased at while supplies last.

Ok, there has been some confusion going on here (I was bit confused as well). The people from Silhouette sent me an email to clarify some details of the black Friday sale better;

When your readers enter your unique promo code they will get a 40% discount off everything in the Silhouette online store (except the CAMEO, subscriptions, download cards, and gift cards)

The CAMEO will not be found in the regular online store but only on our ‘secret’ Black Friday page:

Your unique promo code will allow your people to get a nice discount on their CAMEO (note: the CAMEO is not 40 percent off but will be discounted)

Finally, our Black Friday supply of CAMEOs will sell out so make sure your followers know this!

The Black Friday Sale begins at 12:01 (MST) on Friday the 25th. Codes will be valid through the 28th.

All shapes will be half off.

I hope this make better sense... happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ONA Review/Giveaway Post

Before I start to tell you how awesome the Roma is, let me tell you how I fell in love with some of their products...

Take a look at them, those are camera bags! Aren't they so stylish?

I especially LOVE these...

(Katie, if you ever need somebody to review those beautiful bags, I am here for you! :) )

Well, usually before I write a review post, I always try to read and study the company I am representing. I went to their web site, and read some things and I went "Yes! I know exactly what you are talking about!"

Here is the part that I soo totally agree with written by Tracy, founder of ONA;

"I love photography. There's something truly magical about taking a photo that tells a story and captures the essence of a moment in time. So I carry my SLR camera everywhere. On dreamy vacations. To Sunday brunch with friends. To family gatherings and trips to the park. But I loathed carrying a camera bag that was clunky and distracting. On occasion, to avoid looking like a tourist, I even tried stuffing my camera into a stylish non-camera bag, wrapping it in scarves or t-shirts and hoping it wouldn’t come in contact with my other stuff. Inevitably, it did. And my camera ended up with the nicks and scratches to prove it..."

When I bought my DSLR, it was a packaged deal, so it came with the bag. I thought it was really neat to protect my camera, but soon I found that I didn’t like my bag. It is bulky, and it speaks loudly "I AM A CAMERA BAG!" I don't like that.

The bags created by ONA are true to their philosophy... camera bags should be discreet, stylish and functional.

I was given the chance to use one of their products Roma.

It is a camera insert, and boy I LOVE this already. A lot of the time, I don't want to take the whole bulky camera bag wherever I go. Roma is not going to be a replacement for the camera bag with ALL my lenses and accessories, but I was able to pack my DSLR and small lens and put that into my other bag that I wanted to carry that day. It didn't only serve as a camera insert, because of the five exterior pockets; it helped me organize my other stuff in the bag.

It is well made, very functional... and the best part of is, I am given the chance to do a giveaway for my readers! If you are the one lucky winner, you will understand why I was so excited about this product.

Ok, here are the rules to enter:

1. Head over to ONA and browse for a while and come back here and tell us your most favorite product. (1st entry)

2. Become a follower on my main page. (2nd entry)

3. Blog about this giveaway, tweet, become a fan on ONA’s Facebook page. (3rd entry)

I will run the giveaway until Monday the 21st and announce the winner on the 22nd.

Good luck every one!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shutterfly Holiday Cards Giveaway Winners!

Are you all so excited to find out who are the 3 lucky winners? Remember, the each winner will receive 25 holiday cards!

Ok, here are the names...

Lindsay (Southern Lovely)

Melissa (Digital Collage Studio)


Congratulations ladies! Please give me your email address, so I can send you the code.

Thank you all for playing!