Monday, October 3, 2011

Shabby Apple Review / Teacher's Pet Skirt

Ahh... I am in love. I have been eyeing this Teacher's Pet skirt ever since their new line Academia came out.

Navy & white is one of my favorite color combinations; I love how the borders get wider towards the bottom and the boxed pleats give more detail to the skirt.

Here are a couple more of my favorites from Academia line;

A+ shirt dress

I always love classy style. I especially like the white collar and 3/4 sleeves. I bet there are many different ways to wear this dress.

And this one... Bookworm. First of all, I love the name "bookworm", since I am always reading something if I am not taking care of my family or sewing. I love the simplicity of it. I love bold colors or patterns but it is always nice to have simple (yet pretty) items such as this. The potential of the clothes is almost limitless with some accessories and shoes you can always dress up or down.

Are you wondering if I had fun with my new skirt? You bet I did!

There were several ways that I thought I can wear this skirt with what I have in my closet. I can wear it with a simple navy t-shirt, the right shade of red might be a fun choice, you can always count on a crisp white shirt, oh, even when you are wearing the same thing, how you accessorize it gives a totally different look to the wardrobe. I am not a fashion expert, but I enjoy thinking about the possibilities.

Well, you have already seen one of the coordinations I did. Here is another one:

All I changed from the first one was the shoes, cardigan and belt. That is all! The first coordination was more of a "good girl" look. I was aiming for a "boutique" look with this one.

I just love this skirt, and with the right coordination and accessories, I can pretty much wear this for three out of the four seasons. Isn't that awesome or what?

Thank you Shabby Apple for this opportunity, I will continue to enjoy the skirt!

Note: When you go to their website to see the picture for this skirt, the bottom of the skirt hit just below the knee of the model. Since I am much shorter it is a little bit lower on me. Also I feel like I could have gone one size smaller, so when you buy, make sure to check their sizing chart. :)


regina said...

trés bon goût !!!!!!!!!!! et jolie personne !!!!!!!!
bisous de France

Maryjean said...

Beautiful! And the skirt too!

Emily said...

Love the skirt on you and your review. :)

elizabeth said...

gorgeous! and what an incredible back drop! :) Also a cute yellow top or pink... lots of options. I know you haven't been feeling well--but you look amazing! Take care!

Carolyn said...

the outfit, scene, model... all beautiful!