Thursday, October 7, 2010

CSN Review

CSN store (one of the top online U.S. retailers of home and office goods) contacted me to see if I would like to review a product from one of their 200+ online stores. CSN has every product line imaginable, but I decided to review pressure cooker. I always wanted to try using pressure cooker, but part of me was afraid that I am going to hurt myself somehow with the steam...

After reading some reviews and going back and forth, I chose the Fagor Duo Stainless Steel 6-Quart Pressure Cooker. This was also the #1 recommended Pressure Cooker Model Rated by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine! :) I ordered online, and it showed up on my door step in two days!

It is made out of 18/10 stainless steel, and get this, it came with stainless steel steamer basket, recipe book which contains more than 50 recipes!, a user`s manual and Instructional DVD's.

I sat down and watched the DVD and... I tried it. I steamed some vegetable, and made beef stroganoff.

It was soo easy to use!! I don't know if other pressure cookers are the same way, but this one is surely simple and easy to use. One of the things that made me decide to try this pressure cooker is that, this is designed to be safe. Triple safety mechanisms prevent excess pressure build up, and the safety lock on the handle will not open until all of the pressure is released. I always seem to find a way to hurt myself, but I used this pressure cooker without getting burned. :)

When I steamed some veggies, it only took three minutes after the pressure built up. The colors were vivid, and the flavor was so much better than when I boiled them (also, it is supposed to retain water soluble vitamins & minerals better when you cook with a pressure cooker). The carrots were so sweet, I just kept popping them in my mouth, I couldn’t stop. Also, my husband loved the stroganoff.

I am still trying things out, but I want to experiment with different recipes and become good at this. Right now, it is like a science experiment for me to cook with a pressure cooker. I can't wait to open the lid and see the results.

I am a one busy mom, I love anything that will save me time, make great nutritious and tasty meals for my family. I LOVE my pressure cooker! I highly recommend this product. :)


Justine said...

YAY! And that looks DELICIOUS!

Just Better Together

Mel and Angus said...

I have a Fagor pressure cooker and I just love it. I have been using pressure cookers since I got married almost 30 years ago. I have been using the Fagor the last couple of years and it is my favorite! Love your blog, by the way!

Teresa said...

I have a very large pressure cooker that I mostly use for canning, but I've also used it to cook VERY large amounts of meat all at once and quickly, and it's always good for a HUGE pot of chili. I've been wanting a smaller pressure cooker like this one to make family-size meals. Can't wait to see more things you make with it!

Emily said...

That stroganoff looks amazing! Thanks for the review.

Sachiko said...

Mel and Angus-

I am so happy to hear that Fagor pressure cooker is your favorite! I love mine but you never know until you use it for a while. Do you have a favorite recipe for your pressure cooker?